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Long Hand Forged T Hinge 18 Inch Arrow Spade End

Long Hand Forged T Hinge 18 Inch Arrow Spade End

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Long T hinge with arrow / spade end, 24 inches in total length.  Hand forged with a natural iron look finish.  Extra wax or residue may be present from the forging and finishing process.  This is a natural iron finish that will eventually rust for a rustic, natural look if used outdoors or in damp environments.  Approximately 5.5 inches wide on mounting end, 18 inches wide overall.  Light duty screws included - other screws may be required for your application and use.

Features a traditional blacksmith finish that allows the character of the metal to show and allows the metal to rust as desired for a more authentic appearance. If used outside or in damp areas, the item will rust over time. If rust is not desired, the finish can be maintained with a wax or oil, or additional measures may be taken to preserve the appearance.

Due to the handmade nature of these, there is not a specific weight rating. It is recommended to use one hinge per 25 pounds of weight. Very light duty screws may be included - your project may require additional screws.

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